“Wanderlust” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor Album Review

SHOT 07_788 copy-vert

She’s Gorgeous Lady I must admit, I have a huge admiration for her as a person and an artist, thanks to strictly come dancing that introduced me to Sophie.

I wasn’t familiar with her before as I’m from different continent and culture, so when I routed for her during strictly, I was pleased she’s releasing an album so I would know what is it like, especially because I was fascinated by her talking voice, so imagine how lovely it would be to ear her sing.

I had the advantage of being totally open minded hence I knew nothing about her music before (though I’ve read it’s a dance pop, but didn’t discover any).

The Album is a grower that’s for sure,  requires a certain mood and preparation, if you’re busy or distracted you’ll not get the magic of it and probably wouldn’t like it much. “Wanderlust” is a mysterious, dreamy, beautiful piece of art, a fairy tale with its eastern dominant style in the melodies and string instruments, Bulgarian choir and Waltz songs. The lyrics, topics and general feel of the album is quite peaceful, coming from a very clear place.. a thinking mind, but a peaceful one. Sophie’s balanced personality is shining through, you think about the topics discussed but never feel occupied, busy minded or depressed by them. I loved the whole vibe, felt like reading a culture book featuring plenty of metaphors and tales, I imagined Myself on rocking chair staring through the window in a quiet rainy day, settled down with no worries, reflecting on certain experiences and analyzing some emotions.

The I tunes version contains 11 tracks, starting with an outstanding eastern “Birth of an Empire”, being Arabic, I felt familiar with its musical composition and was reminded of the old Arabic Ballads. “Birth of an Empire” sets the mood of the album and prepares the listener to what comes next.

Young Blood” the first single of the Album features endearing, warm and sensational vocals from Sophie, expressing love relationship from a mature lady’s prospective. It’s my favourite track. Here’s my favourite Live performance of the song

Runaway daydreamer” is my second favourite track, and second single of the Album. Lyrically and vocally the song is Gorgeous, something every lady and girl could connect easily too, we’ve all been there, daydreaming. Sophie performed it live in Loose Women.

Interlude” in a perfect Vinyl waltz track, “13 little dolls” takes you straight away to Russia folk music and dance. Musically it’s an outstanding track.

Sophie Performed it live here

The 2 Official Music Videos were simple, elegant and sets a 60’s style and fashion. First is “Young Blood” with one location set, Sophie is wandering around in a windy day

“Runaway Daydreamer” Music Video, as simple as it is, capture the soul and essence of the song perfectly, you might wonder why didn’t they made extra effort and pay more money to make an a little bit exciting Music Video, but giving the nature and feeling of the song, The Music Video is Perfectly suited.

The Album is personal, mysterious and peaceful, which came across clearly in the Visual part of it, either music video, photo’s or artwork. Sophie succeeded in creating a lovely, feel good album and poured her thoughts as a mature lady into it, taking you in an interesting Journey, grows inside you and although it never makes a statement, it leaves you impressed.


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