15 Minutes of Fame

When you read the news, mostly tabloid, people comments on them, YouTube comments and so on you’ll be disgusted by the wide use of “15 minutes of fame” Phrase, describing anyone lately being famed and expected to disappear very soon.

specially in TV, Music and fashion industry .. this phrase is inhuman, cruel, disrespectful, judgmental and full of greed and preconception as they deny this person his natural right to be famous, or make his living in a way or another but under the spotlight.

It’s only natural for a human being to try and keep going, make a living and career taking whatever chance he gets, whether it’s under the limelight or not, so why knocking down people just because you think their time came to an end and treating them like disposable items for your own amusement and, as a boxing bag for your own frustration?  The mere cruel judgmental attitude of the user that makes him spread a personal opinion about someone’s life and career based on nothing but his greed is a very problematic phenomena, who gave this person the wright to decide if this person deserves the fame or not? who gave him the right to deny this person natural right to build a career and keep it? This is a straight knocking down and clear paradox on the “Work hard and Keep Trying” attitude today’s culture trying to enforce, and violation of human being right to live his life the way he likes, making most use of every chance he gets.

Sadly people are using it widely ignoring it’s destructive effect, if you’re telling your kid to have faith and keep trying, then go to facebook, twitter, tabloid and social media to use the “15 minutes of fame” phrase, you’re a liar, hypocrite and suffering from a very obvious moral crisis.


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