Shane Filan “Youn and Me” Album Review


Shane Filan decided to go Solo after Westlife split and Thankfully, his first studio Album is a success.

The Album “You and Me” was proceeded by an EP (Everything to Me) containing 4 tracks.

I had the pleasure of purchasing the EP,  then the Deluxe digital edition of the Album, 12 You and Me tracks + 4 Ep tracks + bonus acoustic tracks and others from his Nashville trip documentary. total of 21 tracks.

I played them while walking ( instead of jogging and running which I hate) all non stop at one time. The time was flying, didn’t realize it’s almost 70 Minutes! The album is lovely, very lovely, Shane co written the Lyrics and have done a trip to Nashville to do so, the folk country influence was obvious, plenty of acoustic and unplugged material, which leaves you excited about attending a live gig to enjoy them even more.

I was simply guessing my way  through the lyrics and melodies, the topics are pure folk and pop ones, simple pleasures and worries of a common people, it doesn’t occupy your mind or leave you confused, in contrast, I was smirking and smiling all the way through, it’s one of those albums that you’d love to play on your road trip or when you’re camping, or simply, when you’re enjoying a beautiful day out.

Pleasant and decent, happy and optimistic, easy on the ear and the heart, connects to almost everyone out there, we all share similar experiences at some point of our lives, actually, it provided me with a feeling of peace and reconciliation with the mad world we live in, reminding me of the simple little joys .. and worries.

Shane said he was influenced and inspired by The Lumineers, I love those brilliant folks from Denver, and felt the influence clearly in his track “Everytime“, which happens to be My favourite, in other tracks I was reminded of Fun as well in terms of  production and instruments.

The title Track You and Me felt like a tribute to Gillian, Shane’s Wife as the lyrics describes the support you receive from your beloved one upon facing a difficult times, which was the case with Shane’s bankruptcy directly following Westlife split.

About you is a Beautiful sensational song, the second single following Everything to Me, It didn’t enjoy a chart success but that makes it even special and precious. The song speaks about an insecure girl who always doubts her self, the one she loves tries his best to reassure her, telling her she’s beautiful, and it’s all right to feel insecure at times and he would be there always for her, the Music Video is very sensational and added to the actual beauty of the song.

If you are a folk country pop lover, this Album is yours, Shane’s voice is spot on as he never ever off tune, there’s some challenging notes and tracks where I heard an unfamiliar notes from Shane and it surprised me a bit.

It deserves to be one of my 2013 Favourites.