One Direction “Midnight Memories” Album Review




This brilliant Third Album (Midnight Memories) received a positive reviews from everybody and it deserves it. First of All I like the fact the boys co-written the album which gives a clear indication of the path the direction they’re heading to regarding the musical style, lyrics and sound. for this album being a pop-rock album, fitting their age perfectly and appealing to Everyone with it’s variable sounds, slow songs, pop and rock.

The topics are generally about love, also about missing home while taking over the world. 18 tracks in the deluxe version, makes a Statement from the first track and leaves a deep impression, once you heard it for the first time you’ll put it in the favourite and repeat. The album is FULL OF singles, till now they have released 4 official singles ” Best Song Ever” fun pop track, “Story of My Life” folk pop track with outstanding musical arrangement and Lyrics, “Midnight Memories” pop rock track with superb feel good music and feel good lyrics, the song is full of Fun and sounds Amazing live, The Last (till now) official single is the slow “You and I“, the music video was revealed today and it’s BRILLIANT. Another outstanding potentially single tracks, and my group of favourites are “Little White Lies“, “Does He Know“, “Diana“, “Strong” and “Happily

What stood out for me in this album is the fair vocal distribution among the tracks, in the first 2 albums Harry and Zayn took the lead, followed by Liam, then Niall, and poor Louis will barely have a solo section in the song ( though his voice is my favourite, it’s the loveliest followed by Zayn’s voice, but lacks the strength needed for high notes), having a pop rock direction, Louis and Niall got the chance to show their abilities and shine, they sing loads of solo sections and sound amazing, totally fitting the rock tracks, for this I am very Glad.

(Outstanding live performance of Midnight Memories)

This Album proven plenty of facts:

– One Direction are blessed with the best Music Video Directors of ALL TIME

– One Direction are blessed with outstanding songwriting team and abilities, creating songs that appeals to everybody and leaves a very strong impression from the first time.

– Their next Tour will be something to watch, listen and look forward, I imagine sold out stadiums all around the world, which they surely deserve, and strong strike at every Music Awards.

– They’re developing and maturing in the right pace, walking steadily and approaching the crown of best boy band, and maybe band, of all time, and I’m sure they can do it.

– Their style and image, art work and graphics are something to watch closely and learn from.

– Can not wait for the Fourth Album, and Tour DVD’s!