Makin’ Out By Mark Owen: An Innocent Romance

I love Mark Owen.

As an Artist, a singer and a songwriter, he makes it clear that “Love” isn’t just a word, but an act that originates from a deep affection and a sentiment towards the person we want to share our life with.

Long gone the days when men were giving promises to their loved ones, gone and mocked in those times too. Why? Well.. something has to do with the rise of individuality and dismissing the normal need to someone else with whom we can share our happiness, be it right or not, it ripped the romance from a great assist and aspect .. Obligation, sacrifice, patience and commitment.

As most of his music does, “Makin’ Out” is a song by Mark Owen, the first, or maybe the second single of his third studio album “How the Might Falls” that provokes my mind and soul, giving me a beautiful feelings and allows my thoughts to wander.

An emotional and imaginative Wanderlust .. That’s a constant state of mind that I usually find myself in whenever I listen to his music, It’s all in the words and his not so perfect voice, that makes him so endearing, captivating, relatable and sincere.

“Makin’ Out” Is a romantic love song as you can guess from the title, but never he mentions the word “Love” in the lyrics, instead, he chooses to display his emotion through a series of promises he makes to his beloved person, a promises that sounds naïve, old fashioned and too innocent sometimes, yet no one can say they’re not honest nor endearing.

What do we expect from the person we love?

Mark knows it very well, and he makes sure he displays it in his “Actions”, not words, not once he uses a phrase to deliver a sentiment, yet he describes an actions and beautiful considerate deeds that shows his emotion.

In almost every line of every verse, Owen starts with “I’ll be the one who  .. “, and sometimes he wants his loved one to be the center of the promises by saying “you’ll be the one”

The lovely pop/ rock song kicks off with the lines “I’ll be the one who brings you coffee when you can’t get up … I’ll be the one who turns the light out when you go to sleep”

Don’t we all expect a considerate helpful person to be by our side? The lovely mark promises that.

“You’ll be the one who keeps me sober, one to keep me sane and you say
Shut up, shut up, every time I say it”

A person who accepts our attempts to keep them on the right track without shouting “Leave me alone” at our faces.

“And I’d cut my fingers to the bone,
And I’d split my sides in for you”

He takes the pain for her, not an empty words, but an affirmative action..

“I’ll be the one who stands beside you in the photograph
I’ll be the one that’s in your water when you want me there
I’ll be the one you’re falling over every time you laugh”

All the memories that we take for granted, the shared moments that we don’t give much thought to but end up being of the greatest value when years pass by and we give ourselves the time to visit them again.

“I’ll be the one who keeps you guessing, who swears a lot
I’ll be the one that let your colour in the white wash
You’ll be the one that knocks the man out I was beating up and you say

Shut up, shut up, every time I say it”

Can you live a peaceful life forever? You need a bit of trouble and tension from time to time, he promises that .. he will upset her with some foolish actions, giving her a chance to be mean to him without feeling guilty, allowing her to express a wider range of emotions in a moments that will give them a good laugh when they recall them.

“Tonight, we throw ourselves away
And we make it every time
When I thought I was ok
You said I was alright
As the night comes crashing down
We catch ourselves a line
Yeah we’re only makin’ out
If we make it out all right”

Finding pleasure in the smallest things, appreciating the moments they spend together, showing affection, intimacy and vulnerability in a much simpler acts of love, a makin’ out for him is enough, if it was with her.

In A loved one, we crave affection, wish for help and consideration, an ease and excitement, a care that sometimes manifests itself in fighting over stupid things, an appreciation of us, our time, our feelings, and our shared moments and memories, a growth, an affirmation of a future that keeps us together, a trust that we are willing to see it happen .. and most importantly, a purity and innocence that allows us to accept each other’s foolishness and harmless mistakes.

Mark Owen has the sentiment of a poet, a very sensitive person who finds joy in what others take for granted, or worse, in what others consider a “downside” of being committed to someone.

A pure and innocent Romantic he is .. and I love him for that.