Glen Hansard “Rhythm and Repose” Album Review


Finally, I had  the first roll of the Album 2 nights ago, after waiting for long long time in my library .. it left a deep impression.

First of all it sounded like a demo version, the way Glen sang the tracks and produced the music, having written the album by himself and played majority of  the instruments. Glen  is not blessed with the best voice, but he is sensational.

There wasn’t much of a production, sounded like he was harmonizing his new Material in a small listening party, or as if he is singing them around the camp fire, pitching sometimes, or holding back, or even going outrageous, with plenty of acoustic material, as you would expect.

I was strongly reminded of Glen in Once with Marketa, she features as a backing vocals in two tracks”You Will Become” and “What Are We Gonna Do“. The Lyrics are written from a man’s prospective of hopes and fears, love and life.

My Aunt was vividly present in my mind while listening to the album, don’t know why really, and my sister as well. in some tracks I felt 10 years old watching a lot of Cowboy and western Movies, being one of my favourite genres till now.

My favourite track, the one that stuck with me is “Races” and “High Hope“, it’s sincere and painful as well, presenting a status reminded me of something similar I went through. He delivered the lyrics that comes from personal place perfectly, previous and present experiences, suited him well and sounding exactly as you would expect it to be.